The Challenge of Convincing

When I first started selling herbal creations, I was met with tons of resistance.  Some people didn't understand the difference between essential oils and whole herb infusions, some didn't really see any need to spend money on the products, and some just plain needed to listen to me explain the necessity in every way that I could.  It actually used to make me feel mad and frustrated, probably because it made me feel insecure, like I somehow wasn’t enough.  I questioned it all and even stopped selling things for a while.  Covid gave me an easy out.

But then this past year went by, and I didn’t actually stop making things.  I make things for my family and friends as it is, so the production on my end never stopped, the creations just kept piling up.  I stopped needing to be "accepted" and just kept doing it because it truly is what I love to do. 

Now I see "convincing" as a game.  I like the challenge because I know herbs to be true.  I like the challenge because it keeps ME on my toes and keeps me learning more and more.  When I took time off from selling, I decided to use that extra time to dive deep into Anatomy and Physiology and that’s when it all really started to click.

The funny thing about selling herbal creations is that this isn't anything new.  People, families, midwives, doctors...they all know that it's true, these plants WORK! 

Now, instead of feeling like I have to try to convince someone that they really do work, I just like to remind people, pharmaceuticals are based on plants.  


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