Molly Racette
- Community Herbalist
Birth & Postpartum Doula -

At 22, I found myself living in a cabin on the side of a mountain surrounded by nothing but nature and a goat named Elvis.  No running water, no electricity, and no indoor shower; it was on that mountain that I fell in love the natural world.  It was during those years that I learned about the ancient art of traditional midwifery married with herbalism. 

I spent my 20's moving from place to place, learning from different midwives, herbalists, plant protectors, and nature enthusiasts. (read more about my education and experiences here)

When I gave birth to my first child in 2018, I chose to buckle down and raise her with intention. Something deep in my bones shifted. I realized the depth of responsibility that comes with the title, "mama bear". When I turned from maiden to mother, a part of my soul awakened; no longer innocent, I knew I needed to get serious in not only learning but doing

My home apothecary was born out of that shift and that deep need to be prepared to care for my family in any circumstance. I wanted to feel prepared, not scared if and when something came up. Like any good student, I gobbled up every resource available while continuing to deepen my relationship with the mountains and plants that surround my home. 

Through that shift, my herbal business was born. These days, you can find me at various local markets, craft fairs, and out in the field leading plant walks. Care to learn and grow your home apothecary with me? Check out my calendar of events.
I believe that we have been gifted the greatest gift of all time.  Outside of our doors grow God's greatest gift to us.  Plants that can make this life joyFULL, plants that can help our physical bodies experience ease and harmony.  It doesn't have to be hard or scary, Life is made FOR US!! Come along and learn with me.