Herbs for Spring 

If you've got allergies and you are one of the ones that feels like you just have to suffer through the spring season, this is for you.  I want to introduce you to the plants that will be popping up alongside the pollen. 
Remember, the plants are here to help!!!

I want you to feel prepared to recognize these plants when they pop up in your area and know HOW you can incorporate them into your life to create ease during this sometimes dreadful season.  

This one goes deep, so get ready for some major learning!

Forming relationship with plants doesn't have to be hard...
Honestly, I get it.  The world of herbs can be very confusing.  

All of the "this plant for that"...but it doesn't ever work like that!  We humans are complex and so are the plants we are using!

Instead of trying to memorize the plants, I like to break it down into multiple different ways to learn and take all of the guess work out of it.

Included inside these e-books, you will learn
  -the plants Materia Medica; which breaks down the herbal actions and which systems it is working through
  -relevant herbal actions 
  -best method of delivery for each herb
  -recipes to incorporate this new knowledge into your daily lives; everything from an herbal syrup, to oils, to tinctures and food.  

© Molly Racette