Education & Experience

2011-2014 Living off grid in North Carolina in multiple structures on 2 different 80-90 acre properties. During this time, I learned from many of the people, who I lovingly call Mountain folks. They grew up doing this, harvesting for food and medicine, learning about all of the varies types of mushrooms, trees, plants, and lichens. It was during this time that I fell in love with nature and decided to switch gears from Midwifery studies to herbal studies. 

2013 SOLO Wilderness First Aid training & CPR

2015-2016 Apprentice under Jenn Smith at Sierra Sage —Medicine maker

2015-2017 Family Herbalism
The Science & Art of Herbalism by Rosemary Gladstar, Sage Mountain VT

2018-2019 Anatomy & Physiology
Tammi Sweet 

2018-present Owner of herbal products & education business Molly & Herbs 

gMP for Herbalists - American Herbalists Guild

2022-present Community Herbalist program
Commonwealth Herbs 

2023-present Handcrafted Herbal Oils 
Kami McBride

Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism — Doctrine of Signatures Course 
Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism — Iodine, Thyroid, Endocrine, Reproductive and Fertility with Matthew Wood, Phyllis D. Light, and Lise Wolff

Teaching Experience:

Ongoing, 2022-Present: 
Herbal Teacher for Anointed Midwifery Unschool Collective
    Topics include (but not limited to):
        Doctrine of Signatures
        Plant Energetics
        Recognizing Plant Families
        Formulation and Case Studies
        Immune System & Kitchen Remedies
        Mineral Rich Plants for Mamas
3 part series: Herbalism & the immune system - Feb. 2023
Anahata Schoolhouse, Adams, MA
          Herbalism & the digestive system - Feb 2023
          Apple Cider Vinegar infusions for immune health

Backyard Foraging, Northern Berkshire Community Coalition sponsored event - May 2023

Forage & Restore: 6 week Plant ID walks throughout the summer of 2023

Tinctures & Textiles (2 day workshop) - August 2023 : Plant dye methods and herbal remedies 

Fire Cider workshop - Northern Berkshire Community Coalition sponsored event- Sept 2023