Why is Red Raspberry in every pregnancy tea?
Yes, it is THAT raspberry, the same raspberry that you pick the fruit from.  The part that is used in teas are those lush, fuzzy looking leaves.  If you are fortunate enough to live near raspberry bushes, go out and pick some of the new leaves in the springtime before the berries form.

Raspberry is notoriously known for its ability to pucker the tissues tight, making sure that everything inside is tight and toned.  It is also highly prized for its ability to nourish the blood with its vitamins and minerals.

Raspberry is said to help in the way that training for a long distance marathon does.  It helps the uterus stay strong and tight as it stretches and grows.  When the big day comes, the contractions will not fatigue the uterus, the muscles will be prepared to go the distance.  Pairing Raspberry with a soothing and slightly mucilaginous herb like Oatstraw will keep you from getting too dry (astringent herbs may dry you out if you are drinking it regularly).  


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