Herbal Tea: 5 Reasons to Ditch the Tea Bags

Herbal Tea: 5 Reasons to Ditch the Tea Bags

I'm not here to tell you to stop drinking tea. I love tea, and I think it's a great way to get your herbs in. Water is a universal solvent, and a powerful one when everything is done correctly. 

What I am here to do is tell you to stop using those little, paper tea bags. There are multiple reasons for this...

1. There isn't enough plant material in the tea bags to actually effect anything. If you're looking for healing properties in your tea, you're not going to find it in those little bags. There just isn't enough plant material in them.

2. Who knows the quality of those herbs?! What color are they actually? Color and smell can tell us a lot about the potency of the dry herbs. When the herbs are dried and processed into those little bags, a lot of the volatile oils that contain the sought after properties are lost. 

3. Stop drinking out of plastic. For so many reasons. I won't go deep here. But suffice it to say, plastic is not good for you or the environment. 

4. Water temperature! This one is important, especially if you're using delicate herbs like chamomile or lavender (I'm looking at you, Sleepytime Tea). Water that's too hot will make your tea bitter and increase astringency. Basically, it'll taste bad. Use cooler water for delicate flowers and berries or a shorter brew time, and hotter water/longer brew for heartier herbs and roots.

There are so many little nuances, and that is the point of this post. There isn't necessarily right and wrong, but if you are looking to get more than a tasty beverage out of your tea bag, there is a better way to approach this. There is an art to it, it should be a little ritual. A quiet time to take a moment of rest and peace, and give thanks for the wonder that is your body and this life.   

So there you have it! Four reasons to ditch those little paper tea bags and brew your own herbal tea at home with fresh herbs. Not only will your tea taste better, but you'll also be doing yourself a favor by avoiding plastic and getting more of the balancing and healing properties from the plants themselves!  

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2022 Lilac Hydrosol and Harvest

2022 Lilac Hydrosol and Harvest
The spiral year comes round again, marked by the seasons and the harvests they bring.  This time of year, the air is filled with the delicate, floral scent of our dear Lilacs.  Purple, white, pink, she shows up in many different forms.  

This is our second year distilling Lilacs and as the heat hit the blooms and the most volatile floral notes hit the air, a smile creeps into my heart.  This is what I live for.  This intimate knowing of these beautiful flowers.  

The steam distillation produces a concentrated water called Hydrosol. This hydrosol can be used in SO many different ways; you can use Lilac hydrosol on torn tissues, cuts, athletes foot, vaginal tearing after birth, as an additive to baths, for rashes, add it to muffins or any other baked goods...the list goes on and on.  

I think sometimes we forget the fact that the plants that we know and love are also really useful to keep in and growing around the home.
Here at Herbellion (interested in checking out what we have in stock? go here), we use hydrosols in lotions, as bath teas, and as toner & room sprays.  

You can get pretty creative when using hydrosols.  How would you want to use Lilac Hydrosol??

The Challenge of Convincing

The Challenge of Convincing

When I first started selling herbal creations, I was met with tons of resistance.  Some people didn't understand the difference between essential oils and whole herb infusions, some didn't really see any need to spend money on the products, and some just plain needed to listen to me explain the necessity in every way that I could.  It actually used to make me feel mad and frustrated, probably because it made me feel insecure, like I somehow wasn’t enough.  I questioned it all and even stopped selling things for a while.  Covid gave me an easy out.

But then this past year went by, and I didn’t actually stop making things.  I make things for my family and friends as it is, so the production on my end never stopped, the creations just kept piling up.  I stopped needing to be "accepted" and just kept doing it because it truly is what I love to do. 

Now I see "convincing" as a game.  I like the challenge because I know herbs to be true.  I like the challenge because it keeps ME on my toes and keeps me learning more and more.  When I took time off from selling, I decided to use that extra time to dive deep into Anatomy and Physiology and that’s when it all really started to click.

The funny thing about selling herbal creations is that this isn't anything new.  People, families, midwives, doctors...they all know that it's true, these plants WORK! 

Now, instead of feeling like I have to try to convince someone that they really do work, I just like to remind people, pharmaceuticals are based on plants.  

Why is Red Raspberry in every pregnancy tea?

Why is Red Raspberry in every pregnancy tea?
Yes, it is THAT raspberry, the same raspberry that you pick the fruit from.  The part that is used in teas are those lush, fuzzy looking leaves.  If you are fortunate enough to live near raspberry bushes, go out and pick some of the new leaves in the springtime before the berries form.

Raspberry is notoriously known for its ability to pucker the tissues tight, making sure that everything inside is tight and toned.  It is also highly prized for its ability to nourish the blood with its vitamins and minerals.

Raspberry is said to help in the way that training for a long distance marathon does.  It helps the uterus stay strong and tight as it stretches and grows.  When the big day comes, the contractions will not fatigue the uterus, the muscles will be prepared to go the distance.  Pairing Raspberry with a soothing and slightly mucilaginous herb like Oatstraw will keep you from getting too dry (astringent herbs may dry you out if you are drinking it regularly).