2022 Lilac Hydrosol and Harvest
The spiral year comes round again, marked by the seasons and the harvests they bring.  This time of year, the air is filled with the delicate, floral scent of our dear Lilacs.  Purple, white, pink, she shows up in many different forms.  

This is our second year distilling Lilacs and as the heat hit the blooms and the most volatile floral notes hit the air, a smile creeps into my heart.  This is what I live for.  This intimate knowing of these beautiful flowers.  

The steam distillation produces a concentrated water called Hydrosol. This hydrosol can be used in SO many different ways; you can use Lilac hydrosol on torn tissues, cuts, athletes foot, vaginal tearing after birth, as an additive to baths, for rashes, add it to muffins or any other baked goods...the list goes on and on.  

I think sometimes we forget the fact that the plants that we know and love are also really useful to keep in and growing around the home.
Here at Herbellion (interested in checking out what we have in stock? go here), we use hydrosols in lotions, as bath teas, and as toner & room sprays.  

You can get pretty creative when using hydrosols.  How would you want to use Lilac Hydrosol??


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