The Power in Feeling Seen
When I got pregnant with my second child, my mind thought I wanted to try giving birth alone.  At my first birth I had a big old team of helpers and I didn't want any of them to touch me...I needed to do it by myself for myself. 

What I didn't realize was, I also really needed to be seen in my fullest power.  Why?  Probably because I needed that power reflected back to me because I didn't truly believe in my power.

My births feel like a dream; a dream that leave me feeling profoundly humbled. And these dream births also often leave my heart hurting because I know not every woman has the gift of this, of feeling this empowered and able to take on the world after birthing her baby from the inside out.  Not every woman has a team that so deeply believe in her ability to birth that they let her take the lead and all they do is reflect that woman's power back to her. 

Now, I am positive God gifted me these births so that I can pass it on to other women. Every woman deserves to walk away from birth feeling POWERFULL.

Want to hear more about that experience?  Check out this video:


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