Finding motivation to do the mundane

I didn’t spend my maiden 20’s learning how to cook, clean, or raise a family.  In fact, I did the exact opposite.  I started eating on the fly and usually scarfed down whatever I had in my pantry.  I got used to eating what I call “cheese sandwiches”, not a grilled cheese, oh no, something much simpler than that.  

I didn’t value keeping house and home.  I valued being with my friends and doing literally anything else. 

In the house I lived in before I had my daughter, my roommates actually asked me to leave because they wanted roommates who wanted to live like a family.  They wanted a family, not just a roommate and I only wanted a house to keep me warm in between my romping.

When I had my daughter and chose to settle down, being a housewife didn’t come easily. I messed up many a dinner before I learned how to actually cook a good meal. 

I got deeply depressed because I wasn’t valuing my role as a mother and a house wife.  I wanted more, wasn’t I supposed to want more?  Wasn’t I expected to go back to work since we were working on less than $600 a month coming in?  

Instead of pouring all of my energy into other people and other businesses outside of my home, I decided to do the exact opposite again.  I decided to pour everything I had into my family. 

Friends, the best change happened.  I learned to value home and family.  I learned how to stop longing for more and started valuing the gift of motherhood and being a house wife.  

Sure, some days I long for a time when my oldest will be able to wash dishes for me, but for now, it’s my job and I take it seriously and do it happily.


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