The Continuous Death of Woman

There’s no end to the cycle of shifting, changing, and mourning as a mother.  Mourning the loss of your beautiful belly, mourning the loss of your new squishy baby, mourning the loss of your body, your time.

As a woman, it's a cycle we intimately get to know before children ever enter into the picture.  Each month we shed a piece of our bodies, making way for something fresh and new.  If our bodies are in health our cycle of life, death, life will be continuous.

If we choose to stay in a harmony filled relationship with our bodies, we will get to know this cycle and learn to love the tides that ebb and flow. 

I was baking the other night and realized, wow, I AM ovulating! I had TONS of energy and had already baked 3 things plus dinner and dishes.  When I am close to release, I am much quieter, slower, and wish to move a whole lot less.  My body will start to feel heavy with the weight of loss. 

Women have always been the keepers of life and death and I think that's because our relationship with life and death are intimate and visceral, it's woven into the very thread of who we are.  Who better to sit with and stand witness to others in the moments of life and death but the woman who walks through that cycle every single month?


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